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Rih Rih and Prix Prix

I  love me some Rihanna, especially with her West Indian flare and sound, she will consistently make a girl forever want to stop doing what I’m doing to put in a wine or two…or three.   So obvi when she debuted not 1 but 2 videos for her latest song, “work” . I was 100% there to soak up that chem she’s got with that little Canadian boy, they call Drake love me some of him too.   The first video was hot, reminds me of those basement parties I used to attend in my days with good music, good dancing, Red Stripe and Heineken with no damn AC or ventilation to save us all with not a care in the world for a fire code or violation of it but I digress.

The second video was just as spicy but here’s why I especially loved it.  In the opening scene, you will find Rih Rih and Drake Drake in a pink room and I couldn’t help but notice that the room they were in had a pattern of a wall that I had done for my dining room space a little over 3 months ago.  If you like her video and that wall feature and want a tutorial on how to do it, please take a look at my video here and the best part about the design is that I did it with sharpie and some painters tape.

When I see things like this, I get a little excited because I was inspired to do this design and to see it played out somewhere, its just affirmation that I’m good at what I do.   I just feel a little Yeezish today and wanted to show off a little.

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How to Style a Badass Sofa

So the New Year is here and everyone has the latest and greatest  Instagram memes and inspirational sayings and  proverbs with the motivational peeps that are up and through their timelines.  I’m all for it and have my share or isms as well.   However, being the person that I am, I’m over here trying to figure out how to add some funktification to my living room.  I wanna add some color, maybe gold and some black and white touches, oooh some shelving would be nice too.  I have a blue velvet West Elm sofa that I’m holding on to for dear life and I thought to myself.  Well I have a good start because not everyone has a badass sofa, so that brought me to thanken that I need to bring awareness to badass sofas.

Definition: Badass Sofa-  daring with color and texture, it’s universal in all homes.  Family friendly, bachelor or bachelorette pad or if you’re the kinda person that dances to the beat of your own drum.  You need a badass sofa!

So with that being said I gathered up some really cool sofas that push the envelope, but won’t break your pockets and are as sexy as they come.   Keep scrolling cause I also give you the tea on where you can find some of these pieces.  Hope ya love xoxo

Once you’ve picked out your badass sofa, it will be time to style it.  So here are the 5 steps on how to get the look straight out of a magazine.



I call this one funny money! The Hermes throw just adds to the slayage but Lordt look at the sexiness in this couch?!

Step 1 & 2:  Always refer to the color wheel  it will help you with choosing the right color that will accentuate your sofa.  In this case they used leopard print because as a rule of thumb leopard print is a pattern that will go with everything.

Adding a throw such as this Hermes one will help with the textures as well.  In this case they chose a monochromatic look but they could’ve also gone with a black and white patterned throw that would pull the colors from the flowered pillow.



If Jonathan Adler has anything to do with it, its going to be extra spicy!  This blue is everything!

Step 3: Once you’ve decided the colors your working with, make sure to repeat the same colors in different patterns.  This will draw major interest to your sofa, it’s a error proof look



Hello Yellow! This right here brings the sun right on in! If the hubs allowed this kinda behavior in our home, it would make me so happy to see this yellow baby every day.

Step 4: In the case of a lighter color sofa you can play with flower patterns or abstract prints.  You can choose to use adjacent colors on the color wheel but there is a little bit more options with colors such as yellow.



This reminds me of the cucumber lemonade that I love so much.  Its such a fresh color and girly indeed. I’m here for it

Step 5: The design of the sofa doesn’t stop with the pillows, make sure that you use the accent of your art work and side tables to pull in the patterns.  Such as pink touches that are used around the room to pick up the pink in the pillows.



I’m not a big fan of pink but this sofa is everything!



The Sweetest tangerine in the bunch! I love this orange and can see endless decor options for it.

color costs


I hope you all liked the selections and click the numbers to see where you can get them.  I think we start a revolution to get rid of our greige sofas, cause their too safe and get us a badass one.

2016 Colors Of The Year

Pantone has released the colors of 2016 and I must admit when I saw that that they had 2 colors this year I was skeptical and then I thought to myself, I know why they did it like this; these compliment two compliment each other.  One wouldn’t be anything without the other, you know kinda like a marriage.  Rose quartz and Serenity are such soft colors that at first glance you think, it kinda looks like it belongs in a nursery, but with some thinking its got a sex appeal to it.  So I went surfing and you know what, I have some good creative juices flowing for Rosey and Sereny.  Take a look at my gatherings so you can see what I’m talking about in both fashion and  home decor.

Serenity Living Room

Sexy right? Serene is the word that comes to mind when I look at this room

RQ and Serenity Get up 1

Yes to the shoes, that sweater and dem jeans

RQ and Serenity Door 2

RQ and Serenity Door

If I could get away with painting our door pink, I’m going for it.  Maybe I’ll do it while he’s at work.

RQ and Serenity Living Room           See when its done in an adult setting, it doesn’t look so nurseryish. 

RQ and Serenity Get up


RQ and Serenity Pillows

Here’s how you can get the look in both your get up and home decor if you too are crushing on Rose Quartz and Serenity!

Get the look 2


The Lyrics To My 2016 Theme Song 

Woop woop!! The New Year is here and I don’t know about you but that last week in December is a pivotal time for me. It’s where I start the add on and cross off lists of life.  Like what I accomplished and still have to do in 2016 and the years to come.

There is one thing that I didn’t think I would be crossing off so soon, which is obtaining my first gray strand!! I took for complete granted that I would get my mommas genes and not get a gray loc until my 55th birthday.

I can tell you that I owe a lot of my old habits to this gray stand and if I don’t stop now, I’m gonna look like the 5th golden girl, which is not cute in your early 30’s.

You’ll probably be able to relate to this kinda behavior and a certain way of  thinking.  Such as constantly second guessing myself or worrying about what others think or say about me; wondering if my art and design is in the liking of others;  if I’m a good daughter, mom, wife or friend.  If my in-laws like me, etc… you know that kinda stuff.

These compulsive thoughts ate me up and would keep me stagnant for lengths at a time.  So I decided that the name of my theme “song” for 2016 will be UNAPOLOGETIC.  Unapologetic for being me, being the mom and wife and artist that I am.  I make no apologies for what I feel is right for my life and soul and I will continue on this trajectory for a spiritual and successful life without worrying about others’ opinions.

So with all that being said, I’m ready for the New Year and  I’m getting my hands dirty with

  1. -More YouTube Videos
  2. -DIY’s
  3. -Exposure of my design projects
  4. -A little bit more of my crazy life
  5. -Collaborations
  6. -Wedding stuff

I’m excited and truly can’t wait for this 2016 journey and sharing it all with you.  So here are the lyrics to my song and I hope they work for you and you can frame em and hang them up somewhere in your homes or offices as well.

Cheers to a New Year and being unapologetic for being you!  Muuah

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Image 1

Holiday Gift Guide For That Special Guy

If you’re like me, you’re screaming Oh Sh*t next week is Christmas!!  So I’ve got you covered.  Today I’m going to hook you up with some really cool pieces for that special guy in your life.  This is especially good for people like me, who have a lot of people to shop for and can’t afford to spend too much money per person.  So take a look and if you act now, you can get it in time for Christmas and who wants to be bothered with waiting on those long lines in the shops this weekend? Not I!

Here are some pieces from my favorite stores.

Mens Guide Pics

Yup you read that right! All of these pieces are $50 and less.  Here are the links for all the pieces, if you’re interested.

  1. Brixton Wesley Fedora is from Jack Threads is the latest and hottest trend of all and I’m loving the detective dappered vibe that comes with it. || 2. Ethnic Print Scarf is a Zara exclusive that I am gagging over because of the saturated colors.  I can see myself borrowing this one.  Pair this with the fedora and a knee length coat and I’m giving my digits all over again to him. || 3. Nautilus Bracelet set by Urban Outfitters are several pieces that can be worn together or apart and I love it for the man that isnt too flashy but likes a little accents here and there. || 4. Ralph Lauren Clarke High Top Sneakers that are so cool to wear to work and date night. This is the most versatile sneaker that can be worn by dad or by hubby.  ||5. Fair Isle Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweater by JCrew Factory is such a trend that is also pretty timeless, another piece that is versatile. || 6. Timex Expedition Scout watch is a time piece that I love that your guy can beat up and it still would look great, the matte finish gives it such a unique look and again very versatile.

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I have something for the special ladies in your life as well.

Happy Shopping!!