My Battle with Lyme Disease

Fight Lyme

4th of July is almost here and everyone is ready for the barbeques, pools and just getting a lot of outdoor action this weekend. So with that being said, I’m going to take a second away from all things pretty and let you all know about the importance of Lyme disease and how you can prevent and detect it.  This is in no way to scare you, but to make sure you take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease but prior to finding out, I was fraught with chronic fatigue, joint pain and memory loss along with very little will to do as much as get out of bed.

Lyme disease is something that isn’t very evident when it onsets.  However, symptoms start to take effect about a month or so after you’ve been bitten,  you feel pretty tired and foggy most of the time, as for me I would notice that my eyes always felt better closed than open most of the time.

At the time of me having the disease I was in between jobs and finding the right job for me in the middle of the recession was quite difficult and so I contributed my health and melancholy state to depression and nothing else.

When I realized something was extremely wrong was when I was back at working and in the swing of things but I noticed that I couldn’t seem to get my thoughts together, I was lacking concentration and my memory was failing me.

At this point in the game I had also decided that I was going to go to law school (hold your laughter until the end, please) but studying for the LSAT was like catching a rampant buzzing bee between your index and middle fingers in complete darkness (HARD).

Physically, I started to gain weight (but with my track record, could be unrelated to Lyme and just my desire for candy and chips) but another flag was that my periods were off.  So I decided to go to an endocrinologist to see if I had any ailments such as diabetes, thyroid disease or something that was effecting the endocrine system (sound smart right?) I needed answers Stat!!

So the doctor took a plethora of tests and when we reviewed them she said in her non-sympathetic voice “Maybe you should incorporate exercise and you’ll feel much better, you may have something we call chronic fatigue syndrome, but you’re young and it can just be a phase your going though”  Now let me explain, I didn’t mind working out (okay maybe a little) but the energy that I needed to muster up for the gym was non existent.

So I continued to feel the way I did and go through life like this for a while until I had my GYN appointment and he was getting ready to take blood and because I’ll do anything to get out of that, I told him about the blood test I had done a couple of  weeks prior with the endocrinologist and he agreed to take a look.

Days later he called me to ask me, if I’ve taken anything for my Lyme Disease.  Wait What?!? Lyme Disease!!??? I’m gonna kill my husband!! Seriously I briefly felt like this until I consulted Dr. Google and realized I contracted the disease from a blacklegged deer tick.

So days later, I went to my PCP to get treated which was a long dose of strong antibiotics.  Once I completed my medication.  I was still suffering but I was just tired of complaining and figured my symptoms would go away eventually right? WRONG!!

Let’s fast forward to 2011, now 6 months pregnant with my peanut and my new PCP took some blood work and said kindly to me “You have Lyme Disease.” Well needless to say I was hysterical and went batshit. I had so many questions and concerns; Will this do anything to my baby? Am I going to die? Am I going to have this thing forever? All the questions I had, there was no answers and even Dr. Google couldn’t help me this time.  So I was given a pregnancy friendly antibiotic that eventually rid me of the disease FOREVER and of course the baby and I are fine.

So it’s been 4 years without Lyme Disease and I must say that although I don’t have the disease I still feel like I suffer from it. Sometimes I suffer from joint pain and my memory still can be a bit faulty.  I try to not let it get me down because this is my reality and now one of my missions in life is to just make sure I can bring the awareness to others and to be really safe out there.

Lyme Disease: is transmitted by the blacklegged (deer) tick in the northeastern U.S. and upper midwestern U.S. and the western blacklegged tick along the Pacific coast.

These 3 types of  blacklegged deer ticks: They are extremely small and have a  similar size to an oatmeal grain.
Black Legged Tick


These are the places where deer ticks can be found, but notice their all over the U.S.  their just more prominent in some states than others.



How to Prevent & Detect Lyme Disease 

Ticks usually live in moist humid environments: 

  • Near Lakes
  • Grassy and Wooded Areas
  • Walking through leaf litter or shrubs
  • If hiking walk the center of the trail to avoid contacts with the ticks.

How to prevent ticks: 

  • Products containing premethrin kill ticks, which you  spray onto your clothing.
  • DEET is for the skin and repellents containing 20% or more can protect you up to several hours

Immediate Signs that you’ve contracted the disease

  • Bullseye like rash
  • Fever, chills, fatigue, body aches and a headache may accompany the rash
  • Headaches, difficulty with concentration, stiffness in joints, fevers, sore throat, speech errors, anxiety, mood swings, irritability and depression.

Hope this helps and that you now know the dangers of Lyme, be safe and have fun this holiday weekend!


National Pink Day


Today is National Pink Day! This is for all of my girls (and guys) whose first favorite color was pink!  I’m not gonna kill you with a whole lot of wording today but instead will immerse you with Pink Greatness!  Pink is such a fun color, and I’ll show how we use it in the home, foot and even on wheels.

Pinkdoor pinknails pinkshoes Pink shoes Pink roses pink lips Pink room pink dresser pink chair pink bag
pink victorian pink buggy


Happy National Pink Day!

Hope I made your day just a bit more cheerful!

The Rustic Way

Rustic Love

As I have been working on some projects, I’m becoming more and more drawn to the rustic look.  The textures mixed with contemporary finishes are the best marriage ever.  It reminds me of Johanna Gains of HGTV show Fixer Upper.  She has such a rustic feel in her style but it’s not too overpowering.  You can check her stuff out here.

Here are some images that I have been inspired by.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 9.45.54 PM

The reclaimed wood made into an accent wall can always make a great statement in a guest room, master bedroom or even a family room in a inexpensive way.
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 9.48.32 PM

I love what they did with these doors.  This wood was used as a veneer to complete the rustic look

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 9.49.34 PM

If you ever wanted to repurpose those cheap mirrors that you could get at bed bath and beyond, you can make one of these babies and make it a statement piece, for your bedroom or living room.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 9.53.13 PM

I love this look in using wooden planks as shelving.

The idea of the rustic look is that it provides the texture that will bring interest and exclusivity but it also can be done in such an inexpensive way.

Thowback Thursday | Living Room Edition

Living Room

Hi Yall, I know its been a while and I’m sorry but things are busy which is a good thing I guess but I haven’t been able to perfect my posts for you but trust me I have so much to share.  As you know I’m redesigning my dining room and the next project will be the living room.  So this leads me to my #tbt this week.  While I was clearing out my Macbook with all the old pics and documents I came across 2010 pictures of our home and I came across a lot of mixed emotions.

Here are just a few of them

1. Dyaammm our place was clean?

2. Dyammm children really change your life in every aspect, we used to have a clean house!

3. My taste was slightly different 5 years ago, but in a good way.

4. Wow…I was capable of a clutter free home?

5. My living room was pretty orange, and bright very bright…but fun.

6. My dining room and living room spoke to each other.

Take a look at what your girl did in 2010


Cute right?  I’m always changing things around but I must say my living room looks nothing like this now.  There was very little staging (if at all) that I needed to do because the place was ALWAYS clean.  *sigh ( I so loved that houndstooth rug but it was hella itchy)

:-) I’m actually proud of myself because I knew nothing about design other than being passionate about it and following my heart.


This pic was actually taken at a different time but the same year. But you see what I’m saying with the colors speaking to one another?

Decor 16

I definitely needed help staging and designing but still not bad for a novice.  I can’t wait for you to see what I did with that buffet now.  It looks completely different.


Unfortunately, I still have these parson chairs and will probably sell them or give them away.  But nevertheless these pics brought back great memories of me and the hubs painting and dancing and just enjoying life as a “childless” couple.

Now we wouldn’t trade our little Noah for anything but it’s always nice to know we did enjoy our time together and we took time to identify our passion for life and each other hence the reason Noah is here! Win Win People!

I think it’s pretty awesome to look back at old pics and see what our taste was and how we have evolved to what we are today.

Do you guys think your taste in clothes and decor have changed over the years are you pretty much the same?  Let me know.

Lighting Help


I’m almost finished with my dining room and I need your help.  I’m taking a survey on which lighting I should get for above my dining table.  These are all very different but equally beautiful and will work with the design for the space.  A girl is just torn and needs a little help from my Prix family!

A. Continuity Beige Pendant Lighting

B. Capiz pendant lighting

C. Cluster glass pendant

I need some opinions, so let me know your thoughts as soon as possible so I can hurry up and reveal the space to you all… I can’t wait!

Voting Options: 



or down below in the comments.





Jayonce’s New Orleans Mansion

Beyonce and Jay-Z have purchased a New Orleans home for 2.6 million dollars located in Spanish Baroque.  Its named La Casa de Castile which was once a home to the Westminster Presbyterian Church and later served as a ballet studio.  This mansion is 13,000 square feet and equipped with 3 stories,  22 rooms which includes 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The master bedroom features chandeliers and a claw foot tub and to top it all off it has the biggest roof top deck in the entire city.

The home was built in 1925 and features a lot of its original character and bones.  I would have a good ol time designing this home while still honoring its character, charm and identity.  Take a look at some of the pics.  It’s such a diamond in the rough, but I know they will make it their own.

bey 2

Look at the charm of this home, it has good privacy too.  Some say it has a great location for mardi gras as well because it isn’t too far from the festivities.

bey 3

I’m assuming this loft like space is the grand room.  Although bare boned, it has so much potential, the home also has 26 foot ceilings. I would stain the floors a little darker and make the steps more grand.


The natural grand windows and marble flooring is to die for.

Bey 4

This kitchen I’m sure will be gutted and will be “beyoncefied” in no time.

Bey 5

A grand dining room that can entertain many.

Bey 6

This is another kitchen but the place originally has 3 apartments so I’m sure there is another kitchen that they will probably get rid of.

Bey 7 - Copy

Umm…Not the nicest but again, potential!

Thanks for stopping by, until next time on our version of the lifestyles of the rich and famous!

What’s your taste in homes? Do you like the old charmed home or are you the “turn-key” type, where you like everything brand new.