Jayonce’s New Orleans Mansion

Beyonce and Jay-Z have purchased a New Orleans home for 2.6 million dollars located in Spanish Baroque.  Its named La Casa de Castile which was once a home to the Westminster Presbyterian Church and later served as a ballet studio.  This mansion is 13,000 square feet and equipped with 3 stories,  22 rooms which includes 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The master bedroom features chandeliers and a claw foot tub and to top it all off it has the biggest roof top deck in the entire city.

The home was built in 1925 and features a lot of its original character and bones.  I would have a good ol time designing this home while still honoring its character, charm and identity.  Take a look at some of the pics.  It’s such a diamond in the rough, but I know they will make it their own.

bey 2

Look at the charm of this home, it has good privacy too.  Some say it has a great location for mardi gras as well because it isn’t too far from the festivities.

bey 3

I’m assuming this loft like space is the grand room.  Although bare boned, it has so much potential, the home also has 26 foot ceilings. I would stain the floors a little darker and make the steps more grand.


The natural grand windows and marble flooring is to die for.

Bey 4

This kitchen I’m sure will be gutted and will be “beyoncefied” in no time.

Bey 5

A grand dining room that can entertain many.

Bey 6

This is another kitchen but the place originally has 3 apartments so I’m sure there is another kitchen that they will probably get rid of.

Bey 7 - Copy

Umm…Not the nicest but again, potential!

Thanks for stopping by, until next time on our version of the lifestyles of the rich and famous!

What’s your taste in homes? Do you like the old charmed home or are you the “turn-key” type, where you like everything brand new.


Flower Power


As I’m working on the dining room. I’m picking out patterns and colors for the space and I can’t help but be drawn to flowers. Now I would admit once upon a time you better not show me any flowers unless it was a fresh arrangement and came in a vase or cellophane paper with a cute little note attached.  But I’ve recently have had a change of heart and I’m crushing like no other.

See I think the flower pattern has evolved and it’s no longer The Golden Girls’ flower pattern, thank God!

GG Living Room

Now a days flowers are bigger and bolder and the colors are vibrant and some are even abstract.  My new problem lately is what kind of floral pattern do I want, because they are so many options.

Flowers these days are so versatile, you can pair them with geometrical shapes, stripes, polka dots another type of floral pattern, it will all work and so I’m in the market for some flowered somethings out there.

Here are some images that I’m inspired by:

Lets just be daring and go with this splash of color and excitement! I love it.



This is a 1964 Andy Warhol design based off of a hibiscus plant and Flavor Paper has created it into a wallpaper design.  Pretty right?

AW Flower 3


My favorite blogger Kristin of the Hunted Interior paired the floral curtain with the polka dotted linens so well.

floral 2


Here’s a nod to Ms. Blanche Devereaux herself! Let me remind you here 



Here’s how you can get the look from H&M 

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.23.38 PM

1. Stripe Cotton Cushion Cover 2. Turquoise Floral Pattern 3. Pink Pom Pom Cover

As for fashion, I’m loving the looks of the these floral pieces, check out how these girls did it.

Chriselle of The Chriselle Factor paired her florals with stripes

stripes and flowers


Amy Song did it with this floral bomber, aww man I have such a crush on her style.



Sheryl Luck killed it in this floral romper and bright blue clutch.

floral romper


I’ve found this romper on Asos for $33.00!

romper  So there you have it.  I’m in love with the floral pattern whether in the home or some trendy threads.

And these cute flats from Rebecca Minkoff at Hautelook for $70.00

Rebecca M

How do you feel about florals, Yay or Nay?!?!

ORC-A Little Bit of Everything (Week 3 & 4)

Well I completely missed Week 3 and I have to tell you that I’ve been slipping but not quite off track.  I got a couple of things done within the last 2 weeks and I can tell you that I have a to-do that would make you blush.

I painted the walls Benjamin Moore’s Marilyn’s Dress, its the most prettiest and refreshing color.  It has a blue in it but its still a very neutral color.  When my husband came home he gave me a sad face because he said that he missed the orange! I couldn’t believe my ears…Ah well I’m so happy its gone.  Take a look at what it looks like now.  FullSizeRender

The lighting is pretty bad so you may not get a good view of it but once the lighting has changed it should show up better

I put my West Elm bench in its place but I will making a custom cushion to go on top of it and although it will have the rustic look the cushion will give it a more refined look and will go with the rest of the room.


I simply love the rawness of this bench and I think the color of the wood goes so well with the paint and will work perfectly with my table.


Here’s a better view of the blue… I simply love it and would like to pair it with some black and white contemporary abstract art. This room will also be accented with yellow… its going to truly be a happy combination of colors in this space.

FullSizeRender If you remember on week 1 I have a 3 piece buffet , which is also from Ikea Besta.  I disconnected all three and will leave 2 of them in this corner to preserve the storage for my wine glasses and china. I was actually looking to thrift something but I wasn’t getting lucky and when I was painting and move these 2 in the corner, I thought with some good ol hacking I could make this piece look great!

So thats what I will be doing, hacking this piece and giving it a brand new look.

I’m also going to see if I can do something to make the radiator disappear.  I’m still trying to figure that out.

So here are the items that I’m left to do:

  • Find new lighting
  • 2 new/repurposed dining chairs
  • Fabric and Cushion for bench
  • Repurpose Ikea besta buffet
  • Art work
  • New Curtains and pillows for the bench
  • New Lamp for buffet

Check out all the other talented bloggers and their exciting projects for this One Room Challenge here 

Home Office Reveal

Office 5

I am so proud to announce that our home office is finally finished.  I’m not kidding, I literally stood at the entrance of the room and looked around for a good 10 minutes like “Wow, You (the room)put me through the ringer and you’re finally done!!” For those of you, who are unsure of where this room is coming from take a look here.

This was the room that was so neglected due to it just being that room where if we didn’t know what to do with an item we would just throw it in the office.  My choice of color was an ugly green that I decided to go with to coordinate with some ugly green ottomans I had purchased before. Just friggin scary all around!

Okay so for this design I was looking for the complete opposite.  Here was list of things that I wanted for the new space

  • New wall color/neutral colors but full of color accessories
  • A space that both the hubs and I can use
  • Gender Neutral Space, nothing too pink or girlie
  • Creative Space (we’re both very creative so something that was energizing and motivating)
  • Bring in the natural light as well individual lighting for both of us
  • Storage

Everything on this list, I’ve achieved.  I’m so excited to share this journey with you.  I’m actually writing this post in my office and of course instead of the hubs sitting next to me, his pint size version is in his place of course coloring.  I love the fact that he can now come in without us worrying too much that he will hurt himself.

So here are some pics of the way things used to be:

Before: The green machine of a room was dark and lacking natural lighting


After: I invited natural lighting and painted the room navy blue and white to bring the neutral elements in

Office 1

 Before: The room was only equipped for one person and we needed to be able to have both of us use the room.


After: I created a desk with solid wood and table legs from ikea to create a desk that took up the entire wall where both the hubs and I can utilize the space together.

Office 4

Before: Just a mess of a shelf space that was. We threw everything in there and was in desperate need of a storage system


After: Cleaned up and donated some books and organized my magazines, electronics and cds.  office 6

Here are some other images of the space

Office 2

Office 13

Office 7

office 12

office 11

office 8

I’m so pleased to have a great room that works for my husband and me.  It’s been a long time coming but I’m so happy that it is behind us and now we can enjoy it.  Please “like” if you like and share if you care! I’m so proud of my room and our new creative space.

Let me know if there is a room in your house that aches you? I want to hear about it.

ORC-Dining Room- Week 2

This week for the One Room Challenge was a compilation of craigslist listings, Ebay seeking, brain wrecking, drafting and going a little coocoo amongst all the other goings-on that I have going on. I constantly think who would think that this little space would need so much brainstorming.  For goodness sake its a dining room with a table and 4 chairs, right?!?! WRONG !!.

See here’s the thing, I’m a designer and a perfectionist and I’ve joined his challenge because I wanted to give myself the pressures and set unrealistic expectations (as per usual) for myself and although I’m not quite sure what its doing for my nerves, I’m still very excited about it.  If I can do it for my clients, I can do it for myself!! mmph *trying to drive the point home

So here’s what I’m going for, I want a cool relaxing dining room, and I know some may say, “well CHARLENE it’s a dining room, why in the world would you want it to be relaxing” and here’s why. The way my home is set up, the dining room is the very first room you see when you come through the front door and it sets the tone for the remainder of the house and so I need it to be welcoming and endearing and ahhing and oohing worthy!  The color has to be right and bright and young and cool and child friendly and I need to come in this house everyday and stare at this space in particular with fondness and maybe just maybe it will make me so motivated that I may create a fine dinner party to go with it.

As you know already the dining room is dark and just has a lot of the same colors circulating the room. I’m going for a completely new look and I’m thinking something like gray/blueish on the walls with a mixture of different textures and just like my previous post, I’m going to accent my dining room with some yellow! I’m also going for an eclectic feel so pieces from different times will work and will create so much interest.  Peep my findings so far, I cant wait to go hunting this weekend for some more pieces.


Patterns: I plan on making a cushion for my bench that will make it more comfortable and I will use the navy and blue white pattern.  I plan on using the yellow cushions to to accentuate the bench and the room.

Furniture: I’m looking for midcentury chairs that will be paired with the dining table and hopefully I can get them from a thrift shop or Ebay.  As for storage, I plan on using a bar cart for my spirits and wines and I’m also looking for a small storage piece that I can put my china and other pieces in when I’m not using them.

Art/lighting: I plan on accenting with yellow art and the lighting I’m looking for something round and has a great filter.

This is just a preliminary setting of the mood that I’m going for.  I want to bring the bright colors in and set the relaxing mood.

Here are some places I gathered my inspiration from around the internet:

Dining room 3- Geneivieve Gorder

This room was done by my WCW Genevieve Gorder of HGTV (Met her by the way) this room has all the elements I want.  Pieces from different era’s and an eclectic harmonizing space…and then everyone lived happy ever after, kinda room.

Dining Room 4 Domaine Home

This image from Domaine is not to be taken literally but the parts of this room that inspire me is the banquet, the natural lighting and the round table.  My dining room will consist of a bench with 2 chairs and I’m aiming for the vibrant colors and the airy space.

Dining Room 1

Now this room is a bit more formal that I envision mine, however it has a pretty similar layout to mine and I love the mid-century storage unit and the lighting.

Dining Room 2-Style me pretty

I liked this room because it made me smile when I saw it.  That bright orange bench with the rustic table and concrete floors just defies everything about designing and it absolutely friggin works! Another eclectic room full of happiness.

So there you have it… I think this should all give you a great idea on whats going on in this big head of mine and know that I am coming up with something nice and special.

Alrighty until next week, happy decorating and I’ll speak to you guys soon.

Hello Yellow

Well it’s about that time of the year where we put away the navys and the grays and that dreary black and bring in the fun sun.  Yesterday happened to be the first 65 degree weather we had since Spring began and I gotta tell you, I pulled out my lbd and a bright yellow cardigan and boy did it make me feel GREAT! So it’s about that time for us to swap those lined drapes and dark throw pillows and replace them with some crisp whites and yellows in the home.

You can purchase a really pretty and original painting at Saatchi Art or you can always get creative with some acrylic paint and a canvas piece and have your way with it!

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.51.51 PM

Adding accessories like yellow pillows and chair/benches can always brighten up the space in a inexpensive way.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.37.53 PM

If your handy and love to go vintage shopping, sidewalk looking or flea markets, you can always repurpose a headboard similar to this with some fabric and some elbow grease oh and a staple gun!

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.54.09 PM

And last but not least, this is what I will be doing this Spring to brighten up my hallway. Paint my front door high yellow and be unapologetic for it.  Nothing says “the sun lives with me!!” than that.